A Safe Harbor

That night, I thought the parenting lesson was to teach him not to run away from the difficulties of relationship, but to wake him up to the consequences of his actions before it was too late.


The Power in a Note

I called out to her and asked, “I wrote you a note. Do you want to read it?” Her steps moved with a defined quickness. I spotted a small smile creeping across her face. She masked it by looking down, but I already noticed the glee. Under my breath, I sighed with a mixture of relief and happiness.


Books Connect Us to Gratitude

This year, as the holidays arrive – maddeningly even earlier this year than last – I find myself fighting to find meaning in it all. I can feel weighted down by the amount of ‘stuff’ I own, yet still feel called upon to add to during the holidays. That even includes books. At the same time, I feel blessed that many of these books opened my eyes to the lives of others, and brought me closer to my women friends reading them along with me.


Understanding Limitations

And so, I have made a new best friend—the voice of the woman on my google maps app. I may spend more time listening to her than anyone else in my life. She allows me to relax and engage in some contemplative reflections while I’ m driving because I no longer have to worry about navigating my way around.


On Navigating a Crisis

The pulse of a crisis has one pitch. Panic. I am not certain it needs to be this way. In fact, I know, after reflecting on this particular time in my life – It shouldn’t be this way. Although it sounds counterintuitive, striving toward balance becomes paramount particularly during a crisis.


The Pain and Joy of Aging

For older adults, the hope of improvement can be small. This doesn’t mean they can’t stay active and become stronger. They can, but very rarely is the more challenging thing becoming easier just with repetition.