The Importance of Libraries

As sentimental as I am about libraries, I confess these days to feeling really outdated reading library books in public as people open e-readers and tablets. I think – aren’t I saving trees too – re-using a book rather than buying one? In my book club of more than 20 years, I’m one of the only remaining members who still checks out library books.


What to Do? Sit.

We can learn about ourselves in many ways, by doing all kinds of things. We learn by interacting with people, by taking on new roles, by doing different kinds of work. But in my life, sitting down and being with me–not distracting myself with music, or books, or TV, or screens, or my thoughts–has been the hardest, bravest, and most rewarding.


The End of Suffering

I have suffered for years. I have endured betrayals and job losses and the pain of love and the absence of love. Seeing what others need and taking care of them comes naturally to me, but it doesn’t come as naturally to nurture my own needs. I have not been very good at being there for me.


On Choices

Differing views and values, past grievances and loss, can strain the best of us. It’s no wonder that some people stay estranged rather than try to understand, or to forgive. In the end, people can only decide this for themselves.