On Finding a Community

I thought church was about God. And it is. But as much as it is about God and the holy, it is also a human institution. Even though my elders lived it, because I didn’t feel it, I didn’t understand that church also is about relationship and community.


Making a Change

Mostly, I started thinking if I can change my relationship with something as elemental as food – and what I eat several times a day – what else am I capable of?


A Meeting That Matters

The most productive time finds me holding my sore heart with compassion, allowing my disappointment and the difference between what I had envisioned my life would be, and what it is at the moment, and sitting with that reality.


On Privilege and Prejudice

I pray for a messianic world in which cultures no longer demand that our bodies conform to their ideal—white, male, female, tall, thin, and so on. This is so far from current reality that I have made it a practice to imagine such a world. A Moses with Whoopi Goldberg’s skin color. An actor with Gandhi’s build in the role of Superman. Gender-nonconforming holy people, as is the case among Native Americans.


A Deafening Quiet

I managed to keep my grousing in check and surrender to the madness. I let the dishes go, and sat and played ‘Go fish’ with family and unexpected friends over. I wondered if in a year’s time, I’d be sitting alone in a too-quiet house wondering where everyone had gone – my youngest at college, my other two more fully on their own, and my husband perhaps working late or away. What then? The quiet might be deafening.