On Choices

Differing views and values, past grievances and loss, can strain the best of us. It’s no wonder that some people stay estranged rather than try to understand, or to forgive. In the end, people can only decide this for themselves.

heron arrives

Not Moving in Any Direction

As I returned this week and picked up where I’d left off at home, I realized that the dichotomous nature of my life on the road is mirrored elsewhere. I feel caught between two selves – the capable and more present one needed by my aging parents, and the increasingly separate and less capable one in my kids’ worlds, especially their digital ones.


On Friendship

Friendship, she said, can be life altering. It’s what gets many women out of bed in the morning, brings them laughter, affirms their choices – allowing them to move on after the death of a spouse, their own illness, personal loss, or family strife. There is no one circumstance but there is one fact: Friendship means survival.


Insides and Outsides

So we talked about how quickly we assume that another’s adjustment to newness and change is easier than our own. An adage came to mind that I’d just read recently: “Don’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides.”


Moving Through Turbulence

Like so much we inherit, phobias come along for the ride and it is hard to shake lose of them. From my own experience and from observing family, I know how limited my life could become if I have to stop flying (my mother hasn’t been on a plane in nearly 20 years). I am determined not to let it happen.