On Coming Home Again Through Poetry

I’ve experienced poetry in the ivory tower, listened awe-struck as a talented professor took the class line by line through a poem’s secret meaning like a magician pulling scarves from his sleeve and, finally, a rabbit. But the secret, it turns out, isn’t actually secret. It’s there for anyone to grab with a little effort, a few minutes of uninterrupted thought. Readers of poetry are less like slick magicians than ordinary folk straining to unscrew a jar lid. Just put some elbow into it.


Rediscovering Poetry

When I read certain passages, an invisible force conjured up various experiences in my life. Sometimes I felt surprised, other times, I felt less alone, comforted like a baby who listened to her favorite lullaby. Certain poems pushed me into the present, while others allowed me to honor the past. But always, I am poised to reflect.