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I know. Believe me, I do.

I am aware of the uncanny association you feel with the word “Someday” in your life. I have a similar attachment to it. I feel it to the same extent and intensity. We all have our someday(s), and anyone who disagrees is lying.

I understand how playing this Someday in your head gives you goosebumps, and brings a smile on your face – the cutest of its kind. I know the way it makes you go off to the daydream-land and the butterflies in your stomach feel like they might just break through your body. It’s a happy feeling, and your brain is taking dips into dopamine.

Or maybe not?

Maybe you’re imagining  a Someday which doesn’t make you feel the above – or any of it. Maybe your Someday is not the kind to make you jump out of your bed in the morning, but the kind that simply gives you the will to get through another day. Maybe your Someday is your last shot at happiness, or health. It may not be much but just enough to keep you going.

But we all have that one battle in our fairytale-like Someday stories, and we all know it as the infamous “reality check.”

Reality, in the world we live in, is unofficially synonymous with misery, trauma, unhealthy relationships, discouragement, mediocrity, insecurities, and is something to abhor – which shouldn’t be the case, but sadly, it is. And this reality sucks the hope out of our hardly functional bodies the way a child devours a favorite milkshake – to the last drop.

You need not feel overpowered by this, though; I know the perfect antidotes for the immediate reality, which will alleviate the heaviness in your chest.

Some of them include: Looking at the brighter side of situations – or at the lesser dark side for some of us. Experience the warm goodness of your own body, the daily massacre of cells inside that takes place, just to keep you alive. Or think about the multidimensional nature of your soul, the soul that has depths deeper than the deepest ocean. Revisit a moment or two in your past, which was pure goodness, and is all yours to keep. Think about your accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Understand the strength you possess. Go through old photos, captured memories with your most lovable humans, memories which bring out the child in you, and how those child-like feelings leave you feeling an unfathomable serenity – which again, are all totally yours to keep – forever and ever. Cherish it all.

Your Someday may not be in the next block right now, but it is coming. And when it’s there, it will be the most marvelous time of your life.

And if you trust me, this is the beginning of anything you want. It’s right now. The journey towards the wish you wished under a blue moon. Live it, breathe it, name it, enhance it, embrace it, feel it, plug it, charge it, rephrase it, nourish it, strengthen it, color it, mold the Someday as you want. You own it. Wear it like the ruler of a prosperous kingdom would wear her crown.

Your Someday will make its way to “Everyday” once, and from then, there will be no Someday. It will die. It will die with content, with a pride.

Give birth to your Someday with a hope, raise it with utmost care, let it grow, and let it die at the right time, or else it will die an unnatural death and take your Everyday with it.

Stand up, and make that Someday today. I trust you with all the grace you have to make it happen.

And meet me again, at the same place, with the same positivity, and with the same you, someday.



Heerva is an Interior Designer as a professional, but a writer at heart. She believes writing is a strong medium to communicate ideas and to bridge the gap between people coming from various backgrounds.This piece originally appeared on her blog,


Image: by Ludo via Flickr.

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