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2171484193_328c020ec2_oFirst Day has been on something of a hiatus these last few months. Founder and Editor Jana Llewellyn has stepped down (read more in her post from Monday) and this week, we begin anew.

When the magazine began in the summer of 2013, its mission was very much about finding one’s path to the divine, about struggles and triumphs on our individual spiritual journeys. The magazine welcomed writers and readers of all faiths. It will continue to.

Yet we hope to expand the meaning of paths and journeys, and explore how we find our way wherever we are in our lives and travels. Readers may notice that we changed the language in our First Day banner – from Arts, Culture, Faith, Practice to Arts, Culture, Journey, Renewal. This change is aimed at opening up what we explore and what we offer. Starting fresh with open doors and open minds.

We are excited to be the new editors at First Day Press and have been busy this summer preparing for the fall, as the magazine begins its fourth year. Our mission is simple: celebrate journeys of growth and renewal, surprise or setback. Our goal is to publish work that moves others, and together to share the joy of words and connection.

We welcome your essays, poetry, flash fiction and art reviews, and invite you to read our guidelines on the Submit Your Work page of our website. Questions? Contact us at firstdayonline@gmail.com, or find us on social media on our Facebook page or on Twitter.

In her post Monday, Jana Llewellyn described First Day as “the soulful little magazine about faith and beginnings and love and beauty.”

We look forward to many first days ahead. We hope you’ll join us.

~Rudri Patel and Beth Burrell

Image: Sunrise by Jackson Stutzman via Flickr.

First Day Press

The First Day is an online magazine bringing you fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and art reviews celebrating the individual experience of renewal, journey, and growth. Visit our blog to read thought-provoking writing, or to submit your work. Browse our site to learn more!

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